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grumpy ol’ kitty cat

Is this a real cat?



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Let’s study Buffy at uni!

The Buffy Phenomenon

The Buffy Phenomenon

I recently just finished watching the whole seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have to admit I am craving for more… which is a sign of a good TV show. The thing about Buffy that is very addictive for me is the lovable characters, witty Joss Whedonesque dialogue and the believable storyline in an un-believablish genre.

Joss Whedon also takes really great chances and risk…which succeed! The ‘Once more with feeling’ musical episode was brilliant and the ‘Body’ episode where Buffy’s mother died was incredibly artistic and touching.

And of course, the fact that there’s Angel a.k.a tall, dark and brooding vampire with a soul and Spike the dangerous vampire turned good because of love… is just so…sexy.

I think all that combine together makes an incredible platform for a full-fledged fandom. But Buffy the Vampire Slayer has surpassed fandom and stepped into academia. In Brunel University of West London you can study Buffy for your masters! It’s actually called Masters for Cult Film and TV. Quoted from their course aims:

Over the last 20 years there has been an explosion of interest around the patterns and traditions of cult film and television. Whether defined by horror, kung-fu or science fiction film, or fantasy television formats such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, a critical interest in cult media has become a prominent source of interest for the academic and the cult film/TV fan alike

Cool huh?

And if you check out Slayage Online and Watcher Junior, you can see the very many Buffy related academic essays being showcased. The essays ranges in different topic. From “Walking the fine line between Angel and Angelus”, to discussing feminism in Buffy or even discussing the linguistic aspect of the show, known as the “Slayer Slang”.

So yeah, the TV show is over, but the legacy really lives on. Joss Whedon published Buffy Comic Books as a continuation of the series. There’s also other Buffy comic books that serves as the companion to the series, fanmade stories known as fanfiction, all those academic essays, fan forums and so on. There’s always a way if you want your Buffy ‘fix’ :p

You might think ‘geez, this girl just wrote about a bunch of ridiculous bollocks’, or like me you can join the bandwagon and start a petition for Joss Whedon to make the movie version of Buffy. HA.

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Catch a Lobster today!

I was browsing though the net and I saw something really weird. Instead of cuddly pink teddy bears, fluffy cartoon cushion pillows or life-size rabbit dolls, this vending machine dispenses something rather…different: LIVE LOBSTER.

What can you say… It’s Japan. Hahaha

The picture comes from this very funny Lobster blog.

Haha.. So? What do you think? This could be really cool or really cruel. I mean are the vending machines equipped with the proper living/breathing or whatever-you-need-to-keep-a-lobster-alive-and-well device

Care to spare few coins?



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