grumpy ol’ kitty cat

Is this a real cat?



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the lady with the round eyes

I recently had my wallet stolen.

I vehemently refuse to say that I lost it because I did NOT! It all began when a creepy (okay she wasn’t creepy per say, but I’m being judgemental) old chinese lady asked me for some changes.

“Excuse me, do you haf a two fifty fo me to go on da bus?” she asked me, her incredibly round eyes staring, hypnotizing me. Hypnotizing being the operative word here.

Nora, who was with me at the time, shook her head. But me, being the constant and obviously sweet person that I am just HAD to grab my wallet from inside the hole of nothingness that is my bag (it’s really hard to look for stuff in there, so dark) and wave it around in front of her face like it’s some invaluable piece of used tissue.

I took out my brown travel ten ticket and said, “Oh, I use this… so maybe I don’t have any change.” The lady thanked me and took several steps back without going out of our sight. She was still there, round eyes and all.

See if I stop there, I would have still had my wallet! My ATM card, flybuys, swipe card and a cute picure of my little sister Maura– everything would still be in my posession. But NO, the sickeningly sweet half of myself, decided to look through my wallet for some changes, much to the dissaprovement of the bitchy half of myself.

“Oh! Here you go!” I exclaimed, dropping a 2 dollar coin to her little hands.

“Ooooh-oohhh, thank you, thank you very very much,” she replied, almost in a maniacal glee (again, being judgemental).

From this point on, everything became a blur. If my memory serves me right (obviously it doesn’t because now you are lacking a wallet), I recalled my hands putting the wallet back inside my back. Here, there could be two possibilities:

  1. I could have stupidly thought that I put my wallet IN to my bag where in reality, I slipped it through the handles of my bags and dropped it on the ground.
  2. While the old lady was saying thank you, she too was hypnotizing me with her round round eyes and grabbed my wallet while I was giving her the two dollar coin.

Possibility number 1. should be eliminated because there is no logical way that I could be as idiotic as that. My wallet is big and chunky, Tizka knows this best because she likes to ‘clean’ my wallet by throwing out all the receipts and bus tickets that I kept inside. So, even if I had dropped it on the ground, I would have felt a ‘thump‘ near my foot.

Afterwards, I sat on a bench, looking direcly at the place we stood before. So If I had dropped my wallet there, I would have seen it. Or that would just make me and Nora, two loonies sitting on a bench waiting for the bus, staring at the wallet I dropped but for some reason didn’t feel like picking it up.

So, that left me with possibility number 2. People are hypnotized all the time in Indonesia, hell, my maids were hypnotized into taking all the mobile phones and jewellries in my house. But according to this and a CSI episode that I saw a day after (how bloody ironic), hypnotization is impossible if the person does not want to be hypnotized. Well I BEG TO DIFFER.

I certainly did NOT want to hypnotized and certainly did NOT want to lose my bloody wallet. I’m pretty sure there are other hypnotization techniques that can completely hypnotize an unwilling party. Like my maids, for example. They cried so hard after they got lucid. I also heard that people can hypnotize you as long as your foot and their foot are touching the same ground. As simple as that.

Anyway, I realized that my wallet was missing when I was already on the bus and was about to put back my brown travel ten back to its slot. I rummaged through that hole of nothingness of mine and couldn’t find my wallet! I cursed myself for wearing this bag. It was so hard to find stuff there. Panicking, I took out everything from my bag, dumped them on Nora’s lap and tried turning it inside out. It’s..not..there.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I wailed. I called the Commonwealth Bank straightaway to have them cancel my atm card. Got really pissed by the lady operator for mispelling my name over and over again.

So, that’s all I have. I felt quite good after this venting and ranting session. I’m still not sure whether that round eyed lady took it, but if she didn’t and I did stupidly dropped it or some guy bumped into me and took it (ah! another possibility), I apologize sincerely to Mrs. Round Eye (what cute eyes you have, I’m sorry for blaming you).

But if she did took my wallet well… gimme back my wallet you round eyed hag.

Okay… I’m over this.


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I wish I live in New York

In The Heights, picture courtesy of wikipedia.

In the Heights, picture courtesy of wikipedia.

Now at times like these, I wish I live in freaking New York.

In the Heights is a musical by the uber talented Lin-Manuel Miranda. What makes me really really want to see this 2008 Tony Award winning Best Musical award is because the scores (and probably the choreography too) features hip hop, soul and hot hot latin music.

Check out the clip below:


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Safety is Golden.

Golden Gate Bridge. Picture courtesy of:

According to the news, they have just recently installed a suicide safety net at the Golden Gate Bridge. 1300 people have leapt to death on the bridge since it opened in 1937, more than anywhere else in the world.

Do people actually travel all the way there just to leapt?

Can’t say more…very sensitive issue.

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Let’s study Buffy at uni!

The Buffy Phenomenon

The Buffy Phenomenon

I recently just finished watching the whole seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have to admit I am craving for more… which is a sign of a good TV show. The thing about Buffy that is very addictive for me is the lovable characters, witty Joss Whedonesque dialogue and the believable storyline in an un-believablish genre.

Joss Whedon also takes really great chances and risk…which succeed! The ‘Once more with feeling’ musical episode was brilliant and the ‘Body’ episode where Buffy’s mother died was incredibly artistic and touching.

And of course, the fact that there’s Angel a.k.a tall, dark and brooding vampire with a soul and Spike the dangerous vampire turned good because of love… is just so…sexy.

I think all that combine together makes an incredible platform for a full-fledged fandom. But Buffy the Vampire Slayer has surpassed fandom and stepped into academia. In Brunel University of West London you can study Buffy for your masters! It’s actually called Masters for Cult Film and TV. Quoted from their course aims:

Over the last 20 years there has been an explosion of interest around the patterns and traditions of cult film and television. Whether defined by horror, kung-fu or science fiction film, or fantasy television formats such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, a critical interest in cult media has become a prominent source of interest for the academic and the cult film/TV fan alike

Cool huh?

And if you check out Slayage Online and Watcher Junior, you can see the very many Buffy related academic essays being showcased. The essays ranges in different topic. From “Walking the fine line between Angel and Angelus”, to discussing feminism in Buffy or even discussing the linguistic aspect of the show, known as the “Slayer Slang”.

So yeah, the TV show is over, but the legacy really lives on. Joss Whedon published Buffy Comic Books as a continuation of the series. There’s also other Buffy comic books that serves as the companion to the series, fanmade stories known as fanfiction, all those academic essays, fan forums and so on. There’s always a way if you want your Buffy ‘fix’ :p

You might think ‘geez, this girl just wrote about a bunch of ridiculous bollocks’, or like me you can join the bandwagon and start a petition for Joss Whedon to make the movie version of Buffy. HA.

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Sweet and sticky dango :)

I love sweets! Chocolate, cookies, ice cream, candies…you name it!

In Japan, they have this delicious sweet dumpling snack called dango. Made from rice flour, the dumplings are often served on skewers. It’s texture is similar to the famous Japanese mochi. Chewy and slightly sticky!

There are many kinds of dango, different types served in different season. I tried my dango in the bustling Gion area of Kyoto during winter. My dango was grilled and was served with this sticky and sweet glazed sauce (I think it might be sweet soy sauce). I’m not sure what it’s called but after doing a little research at google, it might be called the Mitarashi Dango 🙂

Mitarashi Dango
Mitarashi Dango If you’re interested in trying to make it, there are recipes in this and this website. I don’t think it’s quite hard to make!

Mitarashi Anko eating her namesake!

It’s funny, especially for those of you who knows your anime, Mitarashi is actually the surname of a famous character from the anime Naruto. Her full name is Mitarashi Anko. Anko, is also another kind of dango made from red bean paste. The character is often pictured eating her namesake. There are many other various pop-culture reference when it comes to this traditional snack!



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Catch a Lobster today!

I was browsing though the net and I saw something really weird. Instead of cuddly pink teddy bears, fluffy cartoon cushion pillows or life-size rabbit dolls, this vending machine dispenses something rather…different: LIVE LOBSTER.

What can you say… It’s Japan. Hahaha

The picture comes from this very funny Lobster blog.

Haha.. So? What do you think? This could be really cool or really cruel. I mean are the vending machines equipped with the proper living/breathing or whatever-you-need-to-keep-a-lobster-alive-and-well device

Care to spare few coins?



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