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cute turntable baby!

Isn’t the baby adorable or what!?!



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Courtesy of Retrostar

Courtesy of Retrostar

Why not defeat the purpose of having a small, nifty and handy mobile phone by creating a ginormous and heavy (albeit a ‘statement’ in the chic design world where I don’t belong) handset!

Sarcasm aside, I think it’s COOL! The handset is a product of an awesome German handset manufacturer, Retrostar.

Imagine this: your phone is ringing, you reach into your bag and pull out a large vintage red phone handle, complete with its curly cable. If you manage to earn a few stares, Retrostar has officially succeded!

It probably won’t work in Tokyo though. They probably carry a banana shaped phone in Harajuku for all I know. :p

What do you think? Cool handset or useless space eater?


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grumpy ol’ kitty cat

Is this a real cat?


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Catch a Lobster today!

I was browsing though the net and I saw something really weird. Instead of cuddly pink teddy bears, fluffy cartoon cushion pillows or life-size rabbit dolls, this vending machine dispenses something rather…different: LIVE LOBSTER.

What can you say… It’s Japan. Hahaha

The picture comes from this very funny Lobster blog.

Haha.. So? What do you think? This could be really cool or really cruel. I mean are the vending machines equipped with the proper living/breathing or whatever-you-need-to-keep-a-lobster-alive-and-well device

Care to spare few coins?



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cute or cruel?

oh.. my.. god..

My first post on wordpress…EVER!

So, what do you think? cute or cruel?

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