britney in the heights

Oh my god…

I don’t care what you think, I’m always a big fan of Britney Spears. I love her new album.. actually I love all of her album. She’s an incredible performer and from all the interviews I’ve seen she’s a sweetheart.

I also (as you can see in my previous posts) LOVEE In the Heights (even though I haven’t seen it before).

In Britney Spears’ new documentary For the Record, she went to see In the Heights, chatted backstage with Lin-Manuel Miranda and had dinner with Christopher Jackson who played Benny!!!!



Disclaimer: All rights and ownership of the video belongs to Mtv and Britney… not me.



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6 responses to “britney in the heights

  1. I love her too Kak Vira! SO MUCH! 😀

  2. heeei..u just like my best friend.
    she was cried badly when britney turn into crazy chick by cut her hair off.

    anyway.gue dila.
    salam kenaaaal.. 🙂

  3. yeah she always make a good song^^
    i’d loved too^^

  4. Iya,
    selain vclip womanizer-nya..
    nice blog actually!

  5. not include womanizer vclip actually…
    hahaha~ nice blog!
    Salam kenal..

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