Nowhere safe

Horrible things are happening right now. Open the website of Sydney Morning Herald and see for yourself. There’s a failed assassination plot directed towards Barrack Obama, there’s the Hudson family murders and a brutal home invasion that ended in the death of a student.

The last piece of news hits closer to home. The girl who was killed at the home invasion had been attending the University of Sydney Foundation Program at Taylors College, Waterloo. The exact same course at the exact same college where I studied in 2003 to 2004.

According to the news, the girl and her boyfriend–both students at the college jumped off their balcony, naked. The boyfriend is critically injured but he survived. The home intruder got into their apartment after following their friend who was buzzed in by them into their apartment building. The intruder held a knife to their friend’s throat and ordered her to take him to the victim’s apartment who had left the door open for her.

What’s worse is that according to the news, their apartment was at McEvoy street, very very close to Taylors College, located in Bourke Street. I lived in the dorm in Bourke Street for one year and had always heard stories being told by my friends how unsafe the area is around the dorm.

Knowing that the girl had just started the Foundation course, it can be assumed that she had not been in Australia for a long time. I just kept thinking, it could have been me and my friends. Those people from Taylors College better be installing some sort of security measurements at the dorm.

My heart really goes out to the family of the girl. I can’t imagine how they feel, sending their daughter to study overseas, housing them in a secure apartment block near to college and then being informed that their daughter was killed in her apartment block. Who would have thought?


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  1. madhatter-z

    untung kan kamu yang ilang cuma dompetnya…

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