Courtesy of Retrostar

Courtesy of Retrostar

Why not defeat the purpose of having a small, nifty and handy mobile phone by creating a ginormous and heavy (albeit a ‘statement’ in the chic design world where I don’t belong) handset!

Sarcasm aside, I think it’s COOL! The handset is a product of an awesome German handset manufacturer, Retrostar.

Imagine this: your phone is ringing, you reach into your bag and pull out a large vintage red phone handle, complete with its curly cable. If you manage to earn a few stares, Retrostar has officially succeded!

It probably won’t work in Tokyo though. They probably carry a banana shaped phone in Harajuku for all I know. :p

What do you think? Cool handset or useless space eater?



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2 responses to “Hee-llo!?

  1. madhatter-z

    this is a cool space eater!!!

  2. Cool handset of course! I’d love to own that.

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