Rich and creamy chocolate… poo.

Poo, picture courtesy of

Poo, picture courtesy of

One word of advice: If you’re craving for a bowl of delicious chocolate ice cream, don’t go to the Coogee Bay Hotel, because they might just serve you…poo.

Yes, it’s sick and disgusting. According to the news, a family went to the hotel and was served a complimentary bowl of ice cream after making a few complaints to the staff, which turned out to contain human excrement.

Jessica Whyte spoke to the Herald and said, “There were four scoops including vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut. At the bottom, there appeared to be chocolate. Greedily, I went for it ahead of the kids. Thank heavens I did. The stench, the taste … I spat the food into a napkin and immediately I was sick.”

Mrs. Whyte got violently ill afterwards. Apparently, they did an independent testing of what the thing was and the results showed that it contains similar properties to human faeces! The hotel tried to buy off the family with $5000 (WHAT!?! she ate poo!)…and the Whyte family refused. They demanded $1mil hush money, which I think is fairly reasonable.

This is interesting and I’m curious as to how the state government will handle this, especially since the NSW Food Authority had just released their new ‘Name and Shame‘ legislation.

Oh and the Coogee Bar Hotel… ranks second in Police’s list of 100 most violent pubs in NSW. Talk about quality.



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    and people complain about food served by hawkers in Indonesia?

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