Sweet and sticky dango :)

I love sweets! Chocolate, cookies, ice cream, candies…you name it!

In Japan, they have this delicious sweet dumpling snack called dango. Made from rice flour, the dumplings are often served on skewers. It’s texture is similar to the famous Japanese mochi. Chewy and slightly sticky!

There are many kinds of dango, different types served in different season. I tried my dango in the bustling Gion area of Kyoto during winter. My dango was grilled and was served with this sticky and sweet glazed sauce (I think it might be sweet soy sauce). I’m not sure what it’s called but after doing a little research at google, it might be called the Mitarashi Dango 🙂

Mitarashi Dango
Mitarashi Dango If you’re interested in trying to make it, there are recipes in this and this website. I don’t think it’s quite hard to make!

Mitarashi Anko eating her namesake!

It’s funny, especially for those of you who knows your anime, Mitarashi is actually the surname of a famous character from the anime Naruto. Her full name is Mitarashi Anko. Anko, is also another kind of dango made from red bean paste. The character is often pictured eating her namesake. There are many other various pop-culture reference when it comes to this traditional snack!




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