Fresh, Green and WICKED!

I went to Melbourne on the weekend (when I wrote this, which was ages ago) and saw…


Wicked is a musical based on the best selling novel of Gregory Maguire. It told the story behind “The Wizard of Oz”, the friendship between two girls and how they later became known as Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good.

I didn’t put too much expectations on it mainly because:

  1. I dont know any of their songs, unlike watching the Phantom of the Opera where I tried my best NOT to sing along (I paid to hear them sing not hear myself ha:P)
  2. I didn’t know if there’s going to be anyone particularly famous in the cast
  3. I was almost more excited to see my best friend who just relocated herself from Sydney to Melbourne.

And it’s a good thing that I didn’t have any expectations because it turned out to be FREAKIN AWESOME. Right when we stepped in to the Regent Theatre, the whole place just screamed GREEN!–like the land of Oz. The first thing that caught my eyes were these green slurpee cocktail drink they served called “Ozmopolitan” on a green cocktail glass which flashes green.

The stage was awesome! They had a giant steel dragon framing the top the stage although it turned out to be quite useless and role-less… much to my dissapointment.

The cast, however, was a surprise. Being that I didn’t know if there would be anyone famous in the case (unlike Anthony Warlow as the phantom), I was excited to find out from the program that Rob Mills and Anthony Callea were in the cast! Not that I’m a big fan of them…I’m just really looking forward to see how they would perform in a musical.

Anthony Callea’s role didn’t have much singing part but Rob Mills’ was given a major character. And even though I tried not to laugh at his dancing or wished that his voice would be just a tad bit more powerful (his voice were overpowered by Amanda Harrison who briliantlly played Elphaba)… at the end of the day he was believable.. I believed that he was Fiyero.

Amanda Harrison was brilliant as Elphaba. Her voice was loud, clear and simply stunning. But my favourite was Lucy Durack who played Glinda the Good. She portrayed the blonde, pop-u-lar and ambitious Glinda very very well! Her high screeching voice was funny and comical…reminding me of Lina Lamont from Singin’ in the Rain.

It wasn’t like the Lion King, which forte is on their beautiful group ‘African’ dancing and their breathtaking props and decoration. It was also nothing like the Phantom of the Opera where it is so legendary classical, almost everyone knows their songs by heart. Wicked had this modern feel to it. With funny characters. dialogues you can relate to and an interesting plot as a tie-in to the “Wizard of Oz”. Wicked is new, fresh and green!


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