Catch a Lobster today!

I was browsing though the net and I saw something really weird. Instead of cuddly pink teddy bears, fluffy cartoon cushion pillows or life-size rabbit dolls, this vending machine dispenses something rather…different: LIVE LOBSTER.

What can you say… It’s Japan. Hahaha

The picture comes from this very funny Lobster blog.

Haha.. So? What do you think? This could be really cool or really cruel. I mean are the vending machines equipped with the proper living/breathing or whatever-you-need-to-keep-a-lobster-alive-and-well device

Care to spare few coins?




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2 responses to “Catch a Lobster today!

  1. nia

    Gokil dah. lo ktmu2 aja lagi.. wow2 omgggg….. somehow i find it amusing, does that make me evil

  2. kinda yeah… i know! lo jadi lobster aja pas halloween, that’ll be awesome! haha

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